6. More newspaper pots

I have transferred all the tomato and jalapeno seedlings to old newspaper pots. I hope they can stay in these pots until they are transplanted to the greenhouse.

Tomato seedlings. 15 days since planted.
Tomato seedlings. 15 days since planted.

I made tags from empty milk boxes. I try to recycle as much as I can.

Milk box to make plant tags.
Milk boxes to make plant tags.

Now they just need all the light they can get.

Plant tags and tomato seedlings.
Plant tags and tomato seedlings.


5. Transplanting seedlings

Cucumber: 9 days since seed planted.

Now it is time for the cucumbers to be transplanted. The small roots are penetrating the jiffy skin, and needs more to grow in.

The cucumber seedlings in there small jiffy pellets.
The cucumber seedlings in there small jiffy pellets.

I make some more recycle newspaper pots to put the soilmix and the pellets in.

A pellet transplanted to a newspaper pot.
A pellet transplanted to a newspaper pot.

Finally I cover the pellets with a thin layer of soil, and all done. Next time it is properly the tomato seedlings which need my attention.

One cucumber seedling.
One cucumber seedling.
4 cucumber seedlings.
4 cucumber seedlings.


LED chili/jalapenos

Last year I made a grow closet. I grow all the plants in a mix of coir and perlite. So it is actually a hydroponic setup.
I keep the jalapenos down, and now the fruits are getting bigger as you can see.

Jalapenos in LED light.
Jalapenos in LED light.

The bulbs are only 2x 15 watt LED. I try to keep the power consumption down as much that i can. Just enough to set fruits on small plants. It Looks like it is working.

3. More seeds

Today I received a new batch of seeds with some more AutoPots.

I have planted following:

12x San Marzano – DIG 0 days

8x Alicante tomato -DIG 0 days

4x Cerise tomato -DIG 0 days

4x Deltastar F.1 cucumber -DIG 0 days


This time I use these small jiffy pellets. They swell up when water is added.


I plant the seeds and cover them with plastic.


I hope the temperature will hit around 25 Celsius which should be an ideal temp. Otherwise I will move them around to get the temp. right.

2. Greenhouse

I would love to grow directly in the ground, but this year I will test growing in containers.

After a lot of reading I decided to go with the autopots. Here is a list of the things I liked about this system:

  • Easy to use.
  • You can use small pots for big plants.
  • Does not need attention every day.
  • Can be used as a hydroponic system or a soil system.

I have 12 x 8,5 L and 4 x 15 L pots. AutoPot says the pot size is not that important. You can grow a huge tomato plant from one 8.5 L sized pot. I will test this 🙂

IMG_0429Here is 4 x 8.5 L pots being prepared for soil mix. Yes, I have started in good time…

IMG_0426I use a mix of approximately 50% plant soil, 25% coco coir and 25% perlite. I need more perlite in the mix in the picture. 

  • The soil will help to stabilize the pH value and nutrients, I hope, and act like a buffer.
  • The coir have excellent water retention properties while keeping its fluffiness and traps air. It also helps preventing overwatering.
  • The perlite helps keeping the mix loose, and gives the roots air to breath.

Anyway that is my hope, still some time before i need to transplant my plants.


1. Planting the seeds.


I made some pots out of old newspaper. The Idea is to put the entire thing in the ground when the plant is ready. The roots should grow through the paper and the paper itself will decompose.

IMG_0420I am using a bottle to form the pots.

IMG_0421I use coco coir for the seedlings.


5x Wilma Tomatoes – days in ground (DIG): 1

6x Jalapeños – DIG: 3

More is coming