Watering systems

I have read about a lot of methods, and also tested some different hydroponic systems. I will add the systems I try, on this page.

Here is a list of some of the systems I have found interesting.

Hydroponics NFT:NFT SYSTEM

A very cool hydroponic system that pumps the water/nutrient solution to the roots. I did not use an air stone in my setup, because the water splashed enough when it fell down back in the reservoir.

hydro_NFTThis is my hydroponic NFT system from last year. Using an aquarium pump to pump the water through the pipe.

nft_greenIt gives great results, but with the NFT system you really need to keep your eyes on the different parameters.

It went well until my pump broke and I did not notice it in time. All the plants died ;( So if your planning this setup, I would recommend two pumps or always keep an eye on the flow.

Hydroponic water culture:BUBBLESAn air stone provides bubbles and adding oxygen to the nutrient solution.

hydro_bubblesWorks great as a hydroponic window sill system despite the noise from the bubbles.
I used some plastic as a membrane inside the wood container.

Self watering tray.


This system is very simple. It use a piece of fabric as a wick to suck up the water. I used this method inside a closet with grow light.

grow_light grow_light_2

I am slowly starting to use more soil because it is more forgiving. Especially when trying to grow organic.